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So, how on earth did two twenty-somethings meet and come up with the nights we all know and love as UPTIGHT!?.......
It's one of those ‘must be fate' stories…


Yvette was at her usual haunt on a very usual Sunday night (let's try and make the weekend continue when we know we've got work tomorrow) at the end of July 2005. Exact date…? It was when Glastonbury was on, so whoever was daftly left in Cambridge were to be seen and heard at the “Light Bar”.

But the usual DJs were not playing (as they were at Glastonbury) so the PRIORY DJs had stepped in to take over for the evening playing a mix of breaks and funk…then an unknown DJ came on and started playing Motown. Mixed with alcohol and the utter excitement that someone should be playing out the music she had been closet collecting for years, Yvette introduced herself to Dom and they got chatting.

A couple of weeks before, a friend of Yvette's asked her if she knew anyone that would be interested in starting a regular night at the “Riverbar + Kitchen”…this idea was mentioned at the Light Bar, we think, memories are hazy.

So the following week texts were exchanged and the plans came to fruit for the first night at the Riverbar, scheduled for Wednesday 17 th August 2005. The name “The Sweat Box” was chosen (for it's Motown routes) and the promoting began.

Whether it was a few days before or the night before doesn't matter, but it suddenly became apparent that Dom assumed Yvette had played out before, or had at least used a set of decks before…due to the fact she had a load of records. On the night, Yvette was panicking and asked a very amused sound bloke how to make the music “go from that thing…to that thing” – she got the blunt reply of “you move that thing across” (the cross fade). Sarah joined them in doing a brilliant funk warm up set, and started the night off well.

Dom also was a little restless, as before that fateful night at the Light Bar, he hadn't played out that much either. But, as all these good stories go, the night was a success (Dom & Yvette hadn't messed up) and the Riverbar asked them back on a monthly basis.

(In the meantime the name had to change from “The Sweat Box” as a night at the Cow had already bagged that one…using good ol' Stevie as their icon, UPTIGHT! was born – making ‘everything all right' – ouch, sorry, had to throw that one in)

The rest is indeed history. The official re-opening party in September 2005 of the Royal Standard on Mill Road set that ball in quick motion (an estimated turn out of 150 people to the pub ain't bad for a second gig) and the UPTIGHT! DJs secured another monthly night at a second venue.


After a storming Xmas party at the Royal Standard, the Uptight! DJs took a short break for the beginning of 2006. All good things need a break every now and then and it has proved to be a good move. A number of guest spots filled the time between January and May, and from June Uptight! returns with a number of events. Back to Basics at The Royal Standard, Funk'd Up Fridaze at the Legends Bar (Uptight! Live) and a massive live gig in September at ARU prove that Funk, Disco, Motown and Northern & Atlantic Soul are still foot-tappingly, spine-tingling good.

Uptight! are now lucky enough to have a collaborative of DJs and bands on the 'books' joining the residents MissChivers and Funky Pete, along with a talented bunch of people helping with the sound, visuals, the venues and the organisation...see the links page for their details.

Get Down...Get Loose...Get UPTIGHT!








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